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A Little Ray of Sunshine

It is always such an honour to have clients come back to me to update their family photo’s, and even more special when they come back with a new addition to their family.  Hugh was one of the first little ones I photographed when he was about 6months old, and now he is the very proud big brother to the gorgeous Chase!  It’s no wonder where Hugh gets his cheeky little smile from – a contagious smile which seems to light up his whole little face (and those all around him), and I think Chase will have that same beautiful happy little demeanour and smile!  It was lovely to catch up with you again, Amanda, and to meet you Camo…..and it was very special to see Hugh again, now in the role of a besotted big brother.

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Your first breath took ours away

There’s something amazing about a baby with lots of hair, and I always have a thing about non-Caucasian babies too (aren’t we always in love with the things we don’t have???!!).  Chinyere was just so, so very beautiful!!  As were her parents.  I happened to see her a few weeks ago when I was in Clare, and she still managed to take my breath away!!  An amazing story she has, and it always astounds me how much we also find out about ourselves and our own history when a baby is born into the family! 

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First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything!

When parents opt to bring along props, I sometimes have anxiety attacks while waiting for them.  It always works out better than I could have ever imagined, but being the control freak I am, I find it difficult to cope with the unknown!  However, when Stevie and Joel turned up with a saddle, all my dreams came true.  I think it is one of my all time favourite newborn shots, gorgeous little Logan asleep on the saddle, surrounded by boots, hat and a lasso!!!  What a fun session it was too!  I really had to push the boundaries on professionalism to get a few little smiles out of Joel (but we definitely got there), and just a note to all you other “young” ones…..any jokes about my old age (such as Joel made), will result in being charged double!!!!!

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How was I to know just how perfect you would be

By now you have probably guessed how much I loooooove doing a newborn shoot.  Just being able to hold them and spend some time cuddling is so special to me (especially when your husband has said no more children for us!!!)  Parents are sometimes apologetic that I have to take time cuddling their baby trying to resettle them between shots, however little do they know that it is the favourite part of my job.  In saying that, perfect little Indie was…..well……just that!!  PERFECT!  I didn’t actually get to cuddle her a lot as she slept so well and transitioned so well.  And, as for her beautiful (and totally besotted) big brother, Ollie, he was perfect too.  It was a rainy, wet day outside so he was unable to go over to the playground much, but he didn’t seem to mind.  In fact he was very helpful!!  And as for Tania, well, I honestly take my hat off to her!!  Basically she is doing it all herself whilst waiting for her shift to be with her hubby, and what an amazing Mum she is!!!!  Once again, truly a pleasure to have met you all!!

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“I didn’t give you the gift of life….life gave me the gift of you!”

Every once in a while, life happens to cross paths with someone so beautiful, so genuine and so gentle, that it makes me realise that I am truly blessed being able to do this job.

Carly and Tarnee were these people.  From the first moment Carly contacted me, it was obvious we shared the same vision, and knew that this was going to be a perfect match.  And then I met her gorgeous daughter Tarnee!

This would have had to be one of my most favourite outdoor shoots.  It is something very close to my heart, and something that I have envisaged doing with my daughter one day too!  But to actually see that amazing relationship between and mother and her daughter first hand, and to be able to capture it, was truly a gift.

Thank you Carly for trusting me to capture such a beautiful and pure relationship, and thank you Tarnee for being one of the most beautiful and mature little seven year olds I think I have ever come across!


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