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Maddison, 8 months

I met Maddison and her gorgeous family at her newborn shoot.  When Mum rang me to book in for an eight month session for Maddi, I was so excited knowing that it would be an absolute blast…..but I never knew it would end up being this much fun!!!!!

Maddi was an absolute superstar!!!!

None of the session was “posed”, Mum just followed Maddi’s lead!!!  My cheeks still hurt from laughing so much!!!!  <3 <3 <3

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…and then there were three!

I first met this amazing mother of (now) three beautiful girls quite a few years ago on the netball and tennis courts.  She is one of those people you really love to hate, but purely through jealousy!!  Insanely talented at all she does, she manages to carry it all out with such grace, good sportsmanship and modesty.  As I’ve got to know her more over the years, I’ve been searching for anything that could possibly tarnish this “perfection” and…….I’m yet to find it!!!

She is a gorgeous wife, mother, friend and person.  She is just so motivated (hence both the pregnancy and after baby  amazing body), and an inspiration to all those who meet her.  Perhaps what stands out most with her is her modesty.  Once I met her beautiful children, I saw that she had already passed on so many of these things to them.  What a breathe of fresh air they are!!!  Kaden is a perfect little lady, and Macy is a little live-wire!!!  One can only wonder what personality little Quinn will end up with.  Whatever it will be, I’m sure she will grow into great things!

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A Gift for Nan

Meeting these four beautiful young people was like a breath of fresh air.  When Taylor and Zach’s gorgeous Mum contacted me and explained that they wanted some shots of her two children and her niece and nephew as a present for her own mother’s birthday, I felt very honoured and excited (and a little scared!!!)  But as soon as I met them all, any nerves went straight out the window!  We had a beautiful setting, a glorious night, and four of the most easy-going, beautiful natured and well rounded teenages I have come across in a long time.  As uncomfortable as we can all sometimes feel in front of the camera, having these people who had such a special bond with each other made it so much easier.  There was plenty of sledging and lots of laughter (not to mention the priceless photo of Zach gagging and dry reaching when I mentioned what a good looking young lad he was, and what I’d do to be 20 years younger!!!).  Anyway, it was lovely for me to meet this amazingly gorgeous family (though maybe not so lovely on Zach’s behalf to meet me!!!??), and I hope Nanna enjoyed her pressie!!

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