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How was I to know just how perfect you would be

By now you have probably guessed how much I loooooove doing a newborn shoot.  Just being able to hold them and spend some time cuddling is so special to me (especially when your husband has said no more children for us!!!)  Parents are sometimes apologetic that I have to take time cuddling their baby trying to resettle them between shots, however little do they know that it is the favourite part of my job.  In saying that, perfect little Indie was…..well……just that!!  PERFECT!  I didn’t actually get to cuddle her a lot as she slept so well and transitioned so well.  And, as for her beautiful (and totally besotted) big brother, Ollie, he was perfect too.  It was a rainy, wet day outside so he was unable to go over to the playground much, but he didn’t seem to mind.  In fact he was very helpful!!  And as for Tania, well, I honestly take my hat off to her!!  Basically she is doing it all herself whilst waiting for her shift to be with her hubby, and what an amazing Mum she is!!!!  Once again, truly a pleasure to have met you all!!

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